1. It is against the law to treat a person less favourably than another person because of his or her:
  • gender,
  • sexual orientation,
  • disability,
  • marital status,
  • religious beliefs,
  • race,
  • family status,
  • age,
  • membership of the traveller community

Such treatment includes all aspects of employment, e.g.  pay, access to work or training, promotion, etc.


  1. If you are employed on a fixed term contract (i.e. you are not permanent), you are entitled to the same pay, terms of employment, and opportunities for promotion as an equivalent permanent employee.If you are employed on a fixed term contract, there is a limit to the number of times that it can be renewed, and to the number of years that you can be employed by the same employer without becoming entitled to a permanent position.
  2. If you work part-time, you cannot be treated differently to someone who works full time simply on the basis of the hours that you work. (This covers pay and opportunities, but not pensions.)