If you are working in Ireland, no matter what age or nationality you are, you are entitled to rights and dignity at work, including the right to join a trade union. Congress Youth are young workers and trade union members we have put together this information for you and other young workers.  It highlights some of your rights in the workplace and where to go to find out more. All of the information in this section is available on a card that is available (click for more information) from Congress Youth. Contact us for further information or to get a copy.

Information on your rights in a number of areas are included here. These are:

  1. Your Pay & Conditions of Employment
  2. Your Working Time - breaks, Rests and Holidays
  3. Family & Work
  4. Your Safety at Work
  5. Discipline & Grievance Procedures
  6. Equality at Work

Click on each of these links to get the relevant information, or use the navigation buttons at the top of the page to move around this Rights Section.

Disclaimer: This information is intended as a guide only and does not constitute legal advice. For information and advice on specific situations, contact your trade union