Reconstitution of Congress Youth Committee


The Northern Ireland Youth Committee has been re-constituted for the first time in five years. The Executive are:


Chair: Stephen Gribben (CWU)

Vice Chair: Maddi Frondigoun (AMICUS)

Secretary: Claire Hanna (AMICUS)


The Youth Committee is an advisory Committee that is set up under paragraph 36 of the Congress Constitution. The function of the Youth Committee is “the co-ordination of the policy or action matters relating to the interests of youth; the investigation of problems arising from the employment of youth in industry, services and the professions; the preparation of reports on aspects of youth employment, conditions of work, etc; and such other matters as the Executive Council may, from time to time decide.


The Committee may submit to the Executive Council proposals for action and reports on matters of special interest to young workers and shall consider and advise the council on any matter referred by it to the Committee”.


The next meeting of the Northern Ireland Youth Committee will take place in January 2006.


If you are a Trade Union Member 35 years and under and wish to get more information on ICTU Youth Committee call Gareth Keogh on 00-353-1-889-7748 or