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Youth Cross Border Conference.

The Cross border conference for both the ICTU Youth Committees will take place on the 20th to 22nd of October 2006. The conference will cover the topics of “Changing Face of the Irish Work Force/ Fighting Racism through Organising”, “Minimum Wage”. “The Looming Pensions Crisis”.

The purpose of this conference is to create a campaigns plan/ work plan for the Youth Committees for 2007. Further details will follow in the coming weeks.

If you want further information on the Cross Boarder Conference or information on the two Youth Committees please contact  or call 01-889-7748.

Talks to Schools Programme

The Youth Committee are currently running the talks to schools programme. This involves members the ICTU Youth Committee talking to students who are engaged in part time work or are about to enter the world of work. This has proven to be a great opportunity for students to learn about the world of work and how trade unions operate.

If you would like more information on the talks to school programme please email  or call on 01-889-7748.

You can check out more about the unions at the Fás Opportunities 2006 where the ICTU Youth Committee will have a stand in Croke Park this February and will be there to answer any quarries on trade unions or workers rights.


Reconstitution of Congress Youth Committee

ICTU Youth Committee has been reconstituted for the period 2005- 2007. Check details on links below:

Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland


ICTU Youth takes the lead at the Dublin protest march on December 9th


We aim to protect the rights of young workers on a National level, through awareness of their legal entitlements in the workplace, and the promotion of Trade Union membership.

Congress Youth Committee aims to improve working conditions for young workers through their education and empowerment, and thus achieve active participation of youth in the trade union movement.

We believe that young people are better off in Trade Unions, because unions employ trained staff to advise members and provide them with support on an ongoing basis. This service is no less valuable than car or home insurance, as it exists to keep members safe just in case things go wrong.

We also encourage participation of young union members, as representatives and activists, as this is an opportunity to understand unions better as well as develop communication skills and invaluable contact with other colleagues within the Trade Union Movement.


  • Ensure your employment rights are upheld
  • Protect your pay, terms and conditions
  • Advice and guidance about your rights at work
  • Have an influence on your working environment
  • Most unions offer money-saving discounts e.g. car insurance
  • You have a constitutional right to join a union regardless of your employment status
  • You cannot be discriminated against for being a trade union member